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Pool Fencing - Childproofing Services in Seymour, CT
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Pool Fencing - Childproofing Services in Seymour, CT

Do you know! Pool drowning accounts for 30% of child deaths ages 1-4. Sad, right? SH Phone Repair Buy Sell Benjamin has dedicated over 40 years to advancing child safety through expert childproofing services in Seymour, CT. We specialize in the installation of removable mesh pool fences, a hallmark of our innovation and dedication to child safety. These fences not only offer superior strength, exceeding 160lbs in strength ratings but also feature a modern, attractive design that complements any backyard aesthetic. Our unique point-lock latch system ensures that our fences are child-resistant, providing parents with peace of mind. Recognized for our commitment to preventing pool-related child accidents, our pool safety services in Seymour are second to none. As an American manufacturer, we pride ourselves on quality, durability, and the ability to modify our solutions to fit any pool shape or size. We aim to safeguard the joys of childhood by transforming backyards into secure environments where families can relax, and children can explore freely.


Our Mission

To prevent child pool drowning and enhance the safe enjoyment of your backyard pool. A pool fence is critical in providing that safety and peace of mind.


Our Vision

To be the foremost leader in child safety solutions, innovating and expanding our services to ensure every family enjoys a secure, worry-free environment.

Why Quality Matters to Us

Forty years ago, SH Phone Repair Buy Sell Benjamin started offering childproofing services in Seymour, CT, by installing the first Protect-A-Child mesh pool fences. Over time, Protect-A-Child has continuously improved the quality of its services, unlike other companies that have compromised on strength and quality to offer lower prices. We noticed that many parents in Seymour weren’t aware of how these quality reductions could affect the safety of their fences, so we began to emphasize the importance of high-quality childproofing products. Rather than resorting to weaker, lower-quality fences, we have always adhered to the highest standards of strong, quality materials in manufacturing pool fences that excel in protecting families. As a family-owned company, we understand the significance of treating everyone well. We have dealers in the Seymour area who have been with us for over 20 years, with many passing their business on to close family or friends, ensuring the legacy of quality childproofing services continues.

Wondering What is Involved in a Pool Fence Installation?

Starting a pool safety fence installation in Seymour is key to keeping your family, especially the kids, safe. We make this process smooth so you can feel secure and relaxed. Here’s a simple breakdown of the six main steps in our pool fence installation process, showing you what’s involved.

Measuring for Precision

The journey begins with careful measuring. We maintain a minimum of 20 inches from the pool's edge to the fence, ensuring ample space for safe passage around the pool.

Drilling with Care

We use diamond core drill equipment to accommodate the fence posts, which are renowned for precise holes without damaging your patio.

Sleeves for Stability

Following drilling, we insert a plastic pool fence sleeve into each hole. These sleeves snugly fit the fence posts with a special channel that allows for adding our optional lock-in-deck feature.

Securing with Latches

We connect the fence sections with the posts in place using our patented point-lock latches. These stainless steel latches are strategically located at the top of the fence.

Ensuring a Safe Barrier

The installation culminates in a robust pool fence that acts as a guardian, keeping your children safe from the pool. Crafted for safety and aesthetics, it is entirely removable.

Our Services

What We Offer


Protect-A-Child delivers the best childproofing services in Seymour, CT, ensuring every corner of your home is safe for the little explorers.

Removable Safety Fence

Our removable safety fence provides a flexible yet robust protection to protect your children from pool hazards without permanently altering your landscape.

Pool Fences & Gates

Offering expert installation of pool fences & gates in Seymour, we ensure your swimming area is secured with durable and aesthetically pleasing barriers.

Pool Safety

Our pool safety services focus on preventing accidents through comprehensive solutions, including fences, gates, and education on safe pool practices.
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Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of a pool fence can really vary, making it hard to give a one-size-fits-all answer online. Prices might range from as low as $500 for a small fence in areas where it’s usually warm to up to $5,000 for a bigger fence around a large pool.

Sure, you could install the pool fence by yourself. But the real question is, do you really want to? An experienced installer can set it up in 3-6 hours, but if you’re doing it for the first time, it might take you 3 to 4 times longer. Plus, without the proper technique, you might not like how it turns out.

We always use special drills that don’t chip your patio like regular drills do. Just remember, renting one of these drills costs $150 a day, and the drill bit costs $70. 

Keeping the pool fence secure so kids can’t remove it is super important. Protect-A-Child’s unique SureSafe Features make sure of that. First, we install the fence so the mesh is tight and slightly grips onto the posts in the ground, making it harder to move. While other companies might stop there, we don’t think it’s enough. So, we add our special Point-Lock Secure latch. This latch is tricky for kids because it locks in a way that’s hard for them to figure out, and you don’t even need a key for it, though you can use one if you want. Lastly, a cool Lock-in-Deck feature lets the fence posts lock into your patio with a twist, making it really secure. No other fence has these safety features.

Cleaning your mesh pool fence is pretty simple. Just rinsing it off can do a lot, but if you need it to look brand new, scrubbing it with soap and water will do the trick. For faster cleaning, you can use a light-pressure washer. If there’s a lot of mildew from your patio on the fence, start with soap and water. If that doesn’t work, you can use a mix of water and a little bleach (about 20% bleach). Just make sure to rinse the fence well after using any bleach.

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Innovative Safety Features

Our pool fences come with unique SureSafeTM Features, including the Point-Lock Secure latch and Lock-in-Deck technology, ensuring safety by preventing children from tampering.

why choose us

Aesthetic Design

Our removable mesh pool fences are not only safe and functional but also designed to complement the aesthetic of your outdoor space, enhancing its overall look.

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